Our staff has significant experience in the telecommunications industry as management consultants and operators, having worked in five continents

Dr. Raul Katz


As an international telecom industry consultant, Dr. Katz has provided counsel to policy makers and management of major telecommunications, software and information services companies in the areas of business strategy, consumer/industrial marketing and general management approaches. Before founding Telecom Advisory Services, he was a Lead Partner at Booz Allen Hamilton and CEO of Adventis. He holds a Ph.D. in Management Science and Political Science from MIT

Dr. Ernesto Flores-Roux


Dr. Flores-Roux has advised several governments in reforming their telecommunications sectors, particularly in Mexico and Brazil, where he was engaged to collaborate on the development of their telecommunications laws. Before joining Telecom Advisory Services, he was Partner with McKinsey & Co and VP of Marketing and Strategy with Telefonica. He holds a Ph.D. in Statistics from the University of Chicago

Ing. Maria Cristina Duarte


Ms. Duarte is a Project Manager with Telecom Advisory Services. With over fourteen years experience in the telecommunications industry, she has led joint client teams in projects developing strategies for major telecommunications companies and regulatory agencies regarding business plan development, privatization restructuring, regulatory framework definition, and Internet. She holds an MS in Operations Research from MIT and an MBA from Harvard Business School.

Fernando M. Callorda


Mr. Callorda is a Project Manager with Telecom Advisory Services, specialized in econometric analysis. He has completed numerous studies on the economic impact of telecommunications. He holds a BA and an MA in Economics from the University of San Andres (Argentina)

Taylor A. Berry


Ms. Berry is a consultant with telecom Advisory Services, specialized in research in global communications. She holds a BA in Sociology and an MA in Communications Technology from Georgetown University

Mariana Lef


Ms. Lef is a consultant with Telecom Advisory Services LLC based in Buenos Aires, specialized in the planning and management of national ICT (Information and Communication Technology) plans.

Ms. Lef holds a BA in Political Science from the Universidad Torcutao Di Tella (Argentina), and a Certificate in Management of Telecommunications and Technology Services from the Universidad de San Andres (Argentina)…