Dr. Juan Jung

Dr. Jung is a Senior Economist specialized in the telecommunications and digital industries. His experience spans economic impact and regulatory assessment in the telecommunications sector. Before joining Telecom Advisory Services, Juan was Director of the Center of Telecommunication Studies of Latin America (cet.la) and Director of Public Policy at the Inter-American Association of Telecommunications Enterprises (ASIET).

He received his PhD and MA in economics from the University of Barcelona and holds an undergraduate degree in economics from the University of the Republic in Uruguay.

Dr. Jung is a professor at the Complutense University of Madrid, where he teaches courses in microeconomics and macroeconomics. He has published articles in several academic journals including Telecommunications Policy, Information Economics and Policy, Journal of Regulatory Economics and Journal of Regional Science.

He is fluent in English and Spanish. He currently lives in Madrid, Spain, where he moved after living in his native country of Uruguay