Dr. Ernesto Flores-Roux

Dr. Ernesto Flores-Roux has advised several governments in reforming their telecommunications sectors, particularly in Mexico and Brazil, where he was engaged to collaborate on the development of their telecommunications laws. As a consultant with McKinsey & Co, he also assisted clients in Argentina, Chile, Peru, Uruguay, Bolivia, and Colombia, as well in Europe, the United States, and Asia. His experience ranges from regulatory affairs to strategy, business plan development, M&A, organization, marketing, pricing, board restructuring, project evaluation, competition, antitrust issues and monitoring, among many other more specific issues. He worked at McKinsey until 2004, where he was the partner in charge of the Rio de Janeiro office.

In 2004 he joined Telefónica Mexico as VP of Marketing and Strategy; one of his main responsibilities was launching the new brand identity of the company in Mexico in 2005, after Telefónica’s acquisition of BellSouth’s Latin American operations. He also led the team that negotiated interconnection rates and participated in the preparation of the bid during the 2005 spectrum auctions in Mexico. He later transferred to Telefónica del Perú, where he worked directly for the Chairman in the renegotiation of its fixed line price cap. In 2007 he transferred to Beijing as VP of Strategy for Asia, evaluating potential joint ventures and acquisitions in the region, as well as participating in the negotiations to increase Telefónica’s stake in China Netcom (CNC, now China Unicom) and acquiring a controlling stake (together with CNC) in PCCW, Hong Kong’s incumbent operator. In 2008 he moved back to Brazil, working directly with the chairman of Telefônica do Brasil in several strategy and regulatory issues.

In 2008 he returned to Mexico to become Chief of Staff of the Undersecretary of Communications, dealing with the leasing of the electric utility’s national backbone (CFE) to private operators, as well as the development of the project which led to the creation of MexSat, a publicly-owned three satellite system, the first of which will be launched by the end of 2012.

Since 2009 he joined CIDE (Centro de Investigación y Docencia Económicas), a university and think tank in Mexico City, working for the group dedicated to telecommunications public policy. He has published several papers, addressing digital inclusion, competition, convergence, economic externalities, and taxation of ICT services. He has done work for the GSMA, OECD, IDB, and CAF on spectrum, competition, infrastructure, and market evaluation issues. He has also advised the regulator (Cofetel) and ministry (SCT) in Mexico, as well as other private clients in the Latin American region.

Until its dissolution, he was a member of the Advisory Board of Cofetel in Mexico.

Dr. Flores-Roux holds a B.S. in Mathematics from the National University in Mexico (UNAM) and a Ph.D. in Statistics from The University of Chicago.