Our public reports are widely used as reference in decision making in the public and private sectors


Industrialización Inclusive y Sostenible en América Latina UN Economic Commision for Latin America and the Caribbean, August 2017
Increasing Broadband Internet Penetration in the OIC Member Countries, Standing Committee for Economic and Commercial Cooperation of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, February 2017



Latin America 4.0: The Digital Transformation in the Value Chain, gA Center for Digital Transformation, July 2015
The impact of taxation on the digital economy Report commissioned by the International Telecommunications Union June 2015



Assessment of the Economic Impact of Taxation on Communications Investment in the United States, study commissioned by the Broadband Tax Institute, October 2012
The economic impact of broadband in Panama, study commissioned by the Broadband Commission for Digital Development, May 2012
The economic impact of broadband in the Philippines, study commissioned by the Broadband Commission for Digital Development, May 2012
Impact of Broadband on the Economy, study commissioned by the International Telecommunication Union, April 2012
Estrategia Nacional de Banda Ancha para Costa Rica, project sponsored by the Government of Costa Rica, March 2012



Medicion de Impacto del Plan Vive Digital en Colombia, study commissioned by the Ministry of Information and Communication Technologies
Economic impact of wireless broadband in Rural America, a study commissioned by the Rural cellular Association, 2011
Beneficios Economicos del Dividendo Digital para America Latina, study commissioned by the GSMA and AHCIET, 2011
La Infraestructura en el Desarrollo Integral de America Latina – Telecomunicaciones, study commissioned by the Corporacion Andina de Fomento, 2011
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