Broadband Policy Experience and Projects

We specialize in the development of national broadband plans, assessment of broadband economic impact, formulation of broadband demand stimulation policies, and preparation of broadband investment models

  • Funded by Deutsche Telekom and in collaboration with the Swiss firm Polynomics, a Telecom Advisory Services consulting team developed a study that quantified the economic contribution of Germany’s National Broadband Strategy in terms of GDP growth and job creation (2009)
  • For the GSMA association, developed a study that supported the reduction of taxes on mobile broadband services; the study comprised an econometric model estimating the impact of taxation on wireless broadband Total Cost of Ownership in Bangladesh, Malaysia, Brazil, Mexico and South Africa (2010)
  • For the Rural Cellular Association of the United States, developed a study that supported the need to enforce interoperability and data roaming among 700 MHz bands by showing the economic contribution of mobile broadband in rural areas of the United States. The study evaluated job creation potential, as well as GDP growth impact. The study was published and distributed among policy makers at the FCC (regulatory authority), US Congress and the White House. A team of Telecom Advisory Services LLC consultants presented the results of the study at the FCC, Office of Technology Assessment (White House), and staff of US House of Representatives, and US Senate (2010)
  • For the GSMA association, developed a study that evaluated the economic impact of reassigning the 700 MHz band to the wireless industry in Latin America. The study was based on an econometric model estimating the impact of a frequency reassignment scenario, and entailed the construction of detailed statistical models for Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia and Peru. Results were then extended to the rest of Latin America. The study was published by the GSMA. An official presentation of the study was made at the Global Symposium of Regulators in 2011, and at the 2011 Mobile World Congress (2011)
  • In support of the Ministry of ICT of Colombia, developed a study that estimated the economic contribution of the country’s Digital Strategy. The study comprised an econometric study to estimate the impact of broadband on job creation, GDP growth and increase in household average income (as a measure for poverty reduction). The study also quantified the impact that eGovernment applications could have in stimulating broadband adoption (2011)
  • A Telecom Advisory Services team supported the Vice-Ministry of Telecommunications of Costa Rica in the development of a National Broadband Strategy. The project developed the National Broadband Strategy, which comprised a diagnostic of broadband services, a definition of broadband five year deployment targets for public services (hospitals and schools) enterprises, and residential service, a technology strategy, an investment model, and a definition of demand stimulation policies (2011)
  • For the Ftth Council (Europe), and in partnership with IDATE, Telecom Advisory Services completed a study evaluating the financing strategies of fiber to the home projects in Europe. The study was based in case studies of European projects and comprised the development of financing models and best practices (2011)
  • Funded by SONATEL, the telecommunications incumbent, subsidiary of Orange in Senegal and France Telecom, a study was completed to estimate the economic impact of wireless telephony and broadband on the Senegalese economy (2012)
  • At the request of the International Telecommunication Union, a team of Telecom Advisory Services consultants evaluated the contribution of broadband to the fulfilment of the Millennium Development Goal 2, regarding economic growth. The study entailed the development of econometric models and case studies for Panama and Philippines (2012)
  • For the Ministry of Telecommunications and Information Society of Ecuador, a team of Telecom Advisory Services consultants developed Ecuador’s National Broadband Plan (2013)
  • For the World Bank, TAS developed the Broadband Demand Promotion Module of the Broadband Toolkit (2013)
  • For the CAF Latin American development Bank, a team of Telecom Advisory Services developed a Framework for the expansion of the Internet interconnection infrastructure in Latin America. The study comprised the development of regulatory, technology, business model and financial projections for the IXP sector (2013)
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