Regulatory Strategy Experience and Projects

We provide consulting services to governments, international organizations, and private sector companies regarding telecommunications policy and regulation. In particular, we specialize in conducting economic impact assessment of specific telecommunications policies

For an integrated telecommunications operator present in multiple European countries, we conducted an assessment of five-year regulatory and business scenarios, drawing the financial implications for the industry and the operators. The study also included an assessment of the social and economic impact of each industry scenario, leading to conclusions with regard to the optimal regulatory framework (2006)
For a European wireline telecommunications carrier, we conducted an assessment of alternative industry approaches to the development of a Next Generation Access Network, from a network sharing approach to competitive broadband infrastructures and a functionally separated monopoly. The study also assessed the impact on the economy in terms of employment, productivity and consumer welfare (2008)
For an integrated telecommunications operator in Europe, we developed an assessment of the financial impact of alternative regulatory frameworks to tackle the access network regarding the future investment in a Next Generation Access Network. The study evaluated the effects of a structural/functional separation of the network business as well as technologically neutral and geographically segmented approaches (2007)
For a European full services telecommunications operator, developed an economic and regulatory assessment of a Next generation Access Network strategy. The study included an assessment of the socio-economic impact of a fiber optic strategy, a set of NGAN international benchmark studies, and a war-game aimed at evaluating the reaction of telecommunications players (2008)
For a global telecommunications operator present in Europe, Latin America and Asia developed a set of positioning papers regarding the major developments in the telecommunications industry. The papers included positions regarding the regulatory framework guiding investment in NGAN, European regional consolidation, and diffusion of regulatory models (2009)
For an incumbent telecommunications player operating in the Middle East developed an analysis of worldwide regulatory trends likely to affect its local operations (2010)
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