Wireless Strategy Experience and Projects

Our projects in the wireless space range from classical strategy development (personalization, applications development) to customer care strategies and organization restructuring of wireless carriers

For a wireless carrier operating in multiple Latin American countries, conducted an assessment of strategic trends in one country and made recommendations regarding the strategic need to upgrade customer experience business processes, from acquisition to care (2008)
For a wireless carrier operating in Brazil developed an organizational blueprint aimed at building a more competitive organization by centralizing key control decisions while empowering commercial units. The recommendations included an organization structure both at headquarters and regions, comprising operating and staff units (2009)
For a regional carrier in the United States, developed a product and market strategy, focused primarily on the development of innovative data applications, a customer loyalty plan, and a personalization of services; the plan was implemented contributing to a significant reduction of churn and enhancement of customer acquisition metrics (2011)
Advised a private equity group on spectrum acquisition in the United States (2008)
Advised a wireless and wireline carrier operating in an African country regarding its reorganization and transformation to face competitive developments in its market (2007)
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