Ing. Maria Cristina Duarte

Ms. Duarte is a project manager with Telecom Advisory Services LLC. With over fourteen years experience in the telecommunications industry, she has led joint client teams in projects strategies for major telecommunications companies and regulatory agencies regarding business plan development, privatization restructuring, regulatory framework definition, and Internet. She has worked for clients in the United States, Spain, Switzerland, Colombia, Chile, Mexico, Venezuela, and Indonesia.

Her project experience includes:

  • Evaluation of the impact of functional separation on a European carrier NGAN business plan
  • Development of a business plan for a CLEC offering local, long distance and internet services in the most important cities of Mexico
  • Managed the development of several initiatives for a mobile operator in Indonesia. She was responsible for the implementation of a new product development process, the strategy definition for the corporate market, the design of a web channel for the distribution of pre-paid calling cards, and the design and implementation of a Balance Scorecard
  • Strategy definition for an operator in Mexico that offers voice, data and internet services. The assignment included market analysis, financial projections, competitive assessment and capabilities analysis. In addition, the project supported the operator in a complete transformation process, including business process definition, and design of a new organization structure
  • Due Diligence of business plans regarding the approval of several financing facilities:
    • Wireless operator in Mexico planning to expand its network to other 13 cities
    • A new wireless operator in Mexico (validation of their 10 year forecast and assumptions)
    • A data company planning to enter Central America and Mexico
    • A long distance operator in Mexico requiring additional financing
  • Development of a five year business plan for a US CLEC planning to offer services in Mexico and the Andean Region
  • Development of the Universal Service plan for the Colombia Minister of Communications
  • Responsible for the definition of a rural telecommunications program whose main objective is to deliver basic telephone services in underdeveloped areas of Colombia with the participation of the private sector
  • Participated in the privatization of a local telephone company. She was responsible for evaluating the regulatory impact on the value of the company
  • Development of a Business Plan for a Mexican and a US telecommunications company planning to enter the long distance market in Mexico
  • Participated in the reorganization of a cellular company in Chile to compete with the new PCS operators. Additionally, she collaborated in the development of a program of client loyalty
  • Participated in the team that supported the government in the liberalization of the long distance industry in Colombia. Ms. Duarte was responsible for the valuation of the sector and the privatization impact on the dominant carrier and local telephone companies. She also worked in the international promotion of the sector and in the definition of additional regulatory tools that facilitates competition
  • For the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission in Colombia she participated in a project aimed at defining the regulatory framework guiding local service competition

Prior to joining the firm, Ms. Duarte was a Senior Associate with Booz Allen & Hamilton, and designed electronic systems for the Universidad de Los Andes, in the Electrical Engineering research group and for SISTECOM, a Colombian electronics company.

Ms. Duarte received an undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering from the Universidad de Los Andes in Colombia, and graduated with Master of Science in Operations Research from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. She also completed her MBA at Harvard Business School. She speaks English and Spanish fluently.